Christmas Sewing with Colson

Last year Colson, (8) made a quilt for his doll, shown here. This year he wanted to make one for his stuffed dog.

I let him choose squares from my 2 inch dark squares drawer. Colson's ScrapsSewing:Colson SewingPinning, I matched the seams and put in the center pin. He did the rest:PinningChain piecing:Chain PiecingImpressive seaming:Colson's PiecingPressing:Colson PressingTop Pieced: 🙂Showing OffA cool finish:Colson Proud FinishGreat job Colson. That was quite a bit of excellent sewing you did. Proud of you, Grandma.


  • Diane Rincon

    Go Colson! You stitch straighter than I do!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Diane for stopping by. I wish the boys lived closer so they could work on things more than once a year.

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