String Maze and New Year’s Eve Party with Grandchildren

We offered to watch the 6 younger grand-kids (Camden-10, Colson-8, Caiden-6, Christian-4, Noah-6 and Grace-5) for a sleepover this past New Year’s Eve. I thought it would be fun to set-up a string maze game that I did when my children were younger.

Each child had to follow their own string to the end for a prize. The string gets woven in and out of furniture all over the house. While grandpa kept them busy in a bedroom watching Mary Poppins, I did the set-up. Let me just say that setting up mazes all over the house where you are crawling over and under thread is a lot easier at 29 than it is at 59 and I am glad for pain medications. 🙂String Maze

It was worth it, they loved it. Here are some pictures showing them working through the maze. DSCN9743 DSCN9745 DSCN9717 DSCN9721 DSCN9722 DSCN9729 DSCN9736 DSCN9737 DSCN9740

Smiling through the memories as I relive the photos on the Journey, Jackie

  • SandyH

    What fun!!! I’ve done mazes with yarn for youth group events but haven’t done one like this. I’ll have to put it in my memory banks for when I’ve got the next generation of little ones running around. (It’ll be awhile–hope I remember it that long!)

    • Jackie


      Saving the string game until little ones are along is great, just remember you won’t be as young and it really makes a difference.

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  • Gretchen F

    What a fun time everyone seems to be having!

  • 2_katmom

    What fun making memories with the grandkids.

  • kitty pearl

    Genuine super fun! I never heard of string maze b4. How clever:)