Week in Review, December 28 2014

Busy week. Not so much with sewing but with family and most especially with grandchildren.

I only see my daughter’s boys a couple of times a year. They have sewn with me in the past at Christmas time, but it was still a pleasant surprise when they asked if they could sew something. The 3 older ones were busy with these projects (more on them later when completed) while the younger one played with trains, cars and trucks on the floor nearby.

Caiden (6) planning a quilt for his “Stuffy.”Caiden with StuffyColson (8) pressing his pieces for a quilt for his dog.

Colson PressingCamden crazy quilt sewing for ornaments.Camden Sewing

My creativity was limited to these stack n whack stars.Stack and Whack starsHopefully the boys will finish up their projects before they have to leave.

Enjoying family on the Journey, Jackie


  • Jaye

    Great fun! So glad to see boys sewing. I mangled my opportunity.