Christmas Ornaments, Tags and Cards

I don’t send out Christmas cards, though I do give them as gifts and to add them to a gift to make them extra special. The ornaments are used as gift tags or as gift to guests.

Embroidered cards:

Christmas Cards 2014 EmbroideryQuilted cards:Star CardsCards, ornaments and a mini gift:Cards, ornaments. Mini picture

Basket of gift ornaments:Basket of ornamentsI loved making this years cards and I have ideas for more.

Do you make your Christmas tags and cards?

Celebrating and creating on the Journey, Jackie

  • Valerie Root

    Your cards and tags are beautiful! For a number of years I printed all my own cards with a silk screen. DH and I never agree on designs, though, so for years I’ve just let him pick out purchased ones. A wonderful tradition I started long ago with my son was to make gift tags from the previous year’s Christmas cards. We always had the best time, and then had to select the perfect tag for each gift. Didn’t make any last year, as give fewer gifts.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Valerie. What a great idea to use previous years cards for gift tags. I’ve kept them over the years and I’ve made little boxes from them and keep thinking I’ll find other ways to use them.

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