BFSI – Come Join In

There will be a Black Friday Sew-in on Twitter on Friday for those of you that prefer to sew over fighting the crowds. My son says he would rather “eat glass” or “watch grass grow” before he will play golf. That is how I feel about shopping in general (unless it is for fabric). The thought of going out on Black Friday makes me want to crawl into a corner in a fetal position with my thumb in my mouth, rock back and forth and cry, “please don’t make me.” You get the picture.

So that said, come join the #twilters (quilters on Twitter and Instagram) and share your pictures and sewing adventures and participate in giveaways. I can be found at SewExcitedQuilt on Twitter and I’m sewexcitedquilts on Instagram.

Here’s a peak at my giveaway:

Mini Charms giveaway 1

Perfect for making snack mats and/or cozie’s or whatever else you would desire.

Now go check out Pam at Hip to Be Square as she has a link up for other giveaways and Daisy over at Lazy Daisy Quilts.

Will you be shopping or sewing on Friday?

Planning a sew day on the journey, Jackie