Starting Young, A Look Back

This is the doll quilt my daughter made when she was 4. It is about 18″ x 23″ give or take a bit depending on where you measure. 🙂Kristen's 4 yr quiltShe tied the outside squares and if I remember correctly it was because she got tired of sewing the hearts and X’s by hand. Can’t say that I blame her, she was only 4. Kristen's 4 yr quilt close-up Not all of her stitches go all the way through to the back but that is okay, you learn as you go. Kristen's 4 yr quilt labelHere is another quilt (12″ x 15″) she made at 7. I did the binding and tabs. Kristen's 7 yr quiltYou can see where her stitches improved greatly. Kristen's 7 yr quilt closeupHer creative energies have included home-schooling (trust me it takes a LOT of creative energy to home-school) and cake decorating. Now she is creating unique cupcake recipes.

I wonder if she’ll pick up sewing/quilting in the future. She has a great eye for color and design….

Hey Baby, do you remember these? Love you Mom.

  • I love these! What treasures.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Megan. I wished she had kept it up. Maybe if I had found a way to keep sewing through the years she would have.

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