Vinyl Fabric-Recycling, Organizing

I like it when I can use what I already own to make something I need. In this case, I have very little wall space and I wanted to have a chart of projects to keep me on track.

I tried using a marker board on the door a long time ago with different headings for the projects. Hard to see in this picture, but you get the idea.Studio Remodel


  • In my face visible
  • Flexible for categories/tasks


  • I would have to erase and rewrite when something moved to the next section
  • Sometimes that meant other things were erased as well (by mistake)
  • Space in a particular area would get full which meant it would all have to be rewritten (downside of this type of “flexible”
  • The space behind the door was remodeled for my long arm and the door was removed (marker boards disappeared with door)

Inside my long arm room are a set of double doors going into the storage/tornado shelter. Blank wall space!

  • Bring in some vinyl fabric (not sure why I bought it or when but I’m glad for it now)
  • Velcro command strips
  • Post-it notes

And this is what you get……

Doors 1


Now to fine tune the set-up.

Black electrical tape (remember I am using what I have on hand). Can you tell I played with glitter in my past life? Electrical tape

I used the tape to tape down the edges of the vinyl on the door. It didn’t work.

I found this duck tape and thought it had the perfect color and design. I also bought smaller post-notes. As you can see in the above photo I was running out of space and I thought of more categories to add to the board. Post it and ducktapeIt is pretty sad that I have “to have” a “pictures” and “post” section, but I have made, finished and put away/given quilts without taking pictures or posting about it. Doors 2

I printed the categories on scrap-booking paper, laminated them and cut. SignsI’m using clear removable mounting strips to put them on the vinyl. I can move or remove them as desired, which is helpful in keeping this flexible.Mounting Tape

Now the key is to use it! Do you have a system to track your projects?

Keeping organized on the Journey (or trying to), Jackie

  • Glenna Walker

    Wow, Jackie, I love this idea. I bought an unfinished white board at Home Deport and am using the post-it notes also but this idea is much better because it is larger. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Glenna,

      I love being able to check things off a list. And this is a list that moves. It feels good to move a post-it note to the next step.

      *Ask me about classes*
      *Long arm quilting services*
      *Custom quilts*

  • Diane Rincon

    Yes, thank you for sharing this idea! I make and remake list, also use small chalkboard, but neither is really efficient. This is very well out. Once I figure out my wall space, do you mind if I use it also?

  • Diane Rincon

    It IS early in the morning, but just to clarify, you list Velcro command strips in supplies, but I’m not connecting how you use them. ?

    • Jackie

      Diane, I used the velcro command strips to attach the vinyl to the doors. Nails weren’t going to work, and I had the command strips on hand so I figured I would give them a try and it worked!

      *Ask me about classes*
      *Long arm quilting services*
      *Custom quilts*