Noah’s Dinosaur Quilt

Noah was done sewing. Or so he thought. When he heard Grace was making a quilt he wanted to make one as well. A dinosaur quilt. Since he is older, I gave him more decisions to make.

Was the quilt for him? For someone else? He said he wanted to make it for a little boy to give away. He may be all boy, but he is a very giving boy.

I gave him a tape measure and asked him to determine how large he wanted it to be.

Tall enough to cover someone his size.

Noah, height of quilt And wide enough to go across his body.Noah's width of quiltWho says measurements have to be complicated?

Next based on his fabric and size I drew a grid and had him decide what fabrics would go where.Noah picking fabrics

As you can see he was deliberate in his fabric placement. Noah's designI have cut his squares and they will be ready for him the next time he is visiting and wants to sew.

With a full heart on the Journey, Jackie

  • A.J. Dub

    How fun!

    • Jackie

      Thanks for stopping by. He was so serious about the planning. It’s really fun to watch.

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