Grace’s First Quilt

When Grace finished her pillowcases she promptly asked if she could make a quilt. I told her I had more fabric for pillowcases but she wanted to sew a quilt. And not for her doll but for her mom and dad. I told her it would take a long time to make one for mom and dad, but she didn’t care. So I gave her a bin of strips to choose from. Grace choosing strips

She was very intentional about her choices. She also got good at determining if a strip she choose would be long enough (8 inches). Working with her made me realize how many decisions are made without even thinking when you have been doing this for a while.

With the chair in the lowest position and a step chair for the foot pedal she can sew by herself.Grace SewingShe helps pinning by placing pins in between mine. She is very careful about pulling the pins out before getting to the needle.

After a few reminders about where the fabric should be as it goes under the needle her stitching went from this:

Grace, Crooked StripsTo this:Grace Better Stitching

I can’t help but be impressed by this work from a 4 year-old. (Proud Grandma, can you tell?)

After she got comfortable with the piecing, I taught her about chain piecing. She was quite fascinated and proud of her results:Grace Chain PiecingHere she is on a second set of strips on a different day with Noah:Grace and Noah with Chain Piecing

She has made many more than this, but has many more to go:

Grace Sewing Strips

Hoping she keep that joy in stitching as she grows. Joy on the Journey, Jackie

  • Diane Rincon

    I’m amazed by the improvement in her Grace’s seams. She has an amazing amazing ability to focus and much patience for a child that age.

    • Jackie

      I’m hoping Grace (and Noah) continue to want to sew. It would be wonderful to pass the quilting bug onto to future generations. Thanks for stopping by Diane.

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  • val

    OMG!!!! THIS is THE most adorable chain piecing ever!!! Grace is a quick learner.

    • Jackie

      I think Grace likes the sound of “chain-piecing” she is quite enamored with the concept.

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