Making Fabric with Selvage Edges

I collect my selvage edges, crazy yes, but fabric is fabric. I have made several small type items in the past from selvage edges. A tote bag, lanyard, coasters, name badge, ornaments and a quilt.

For larger projects, instead of cutting my strips into the size they need to be, I just sew the longer strips together until I the desired size strip. This section is about 14 x 26.

Since I want my squares to be 4 inches finished and on the diagonal, I used a 4.5 inch ruler, placed diagonally on the fabric. I then take a ruler that will span the diagonal length and place it along the square ruler.

05-DSCN6608I cut along the edge of the long ruler. 04-DSCN6607Next I cut along the other edges of the square ruler, each time using the larger ruler as my cutting base. Normally I wouldn’t separate the pieces, it just helps visualize where the cutting lines would be. 07-DSCN661306-DSCN661008-DSCN661409-DSCN6616Continue in this manner until you have cut as many blocks as possible. 10-DSCN6618 11-DSCN6620 13-DSCN6622

In addition to the blocks you will have corner pieces and smaller blocks from the edges of your “fabric”. 12-DSCN6621These will eventually get pieced into a quilt like this one. These are perfect quilts for children, picnics or outside. Selvage Edge QuiltHere is what I have so far, 4.5″ and 3.5″ squares.

Selvage Edge CollageI’m working on “making fabric” while camping this week.

Do you use your selvage edges?

Working with the throw aways on the Journey, Jackie