Reversible Chalkboard Placemats

These are super simple, fast and make a great gift. They finish at 12×18
Happy Birthday Placemat


* Chalkboard fabric (12 x 18 piece)
* 1 piece of backing fabric 14″ x 20″
* 1 piece of pocket fabric 5″ x 10.5″
* Walking foot
* Heavy duty needle (jeans or size 18)
* Matching thread
* Optional: fusible webbing 1/4 inch wide or wonder clips

Chalk Board pieces

The pocket:

  • Fold your pocket fabric right sides together and sew along one edge

Chalkboard Pocket

  • The edge you choose will be based on what you want to show on the front pocket
  • Preview your fabric, making sure the raw edges fall along the edges of the placemat
  • Turn right side out and press

The placemat:

  • Place your backing fabric wrong side facing up on your ironing board
  • Place your chalkboard fabric wrong side down on top of your backing fabric
  • You can choose to do this with your chalkboard fabric right side up, just be careful not to touch the iron directly on the chalkboard fabric when pressing
  • Center it so you have about an inch of fabric on each side
  • Fold the fabric up to the chalkboard fabric and press to get a good crease
  • Fold in again 1/2 way to make a half-inch wide bindingFirst Pressing
  • Press well to get a good crease
  • Turn your chalkboard fabric to face up as shown below
  • Using 1/4″ fusible webbing or wonder clips hold your pressed binding in place
  • Make sure you put your pocket in place with the raw edges along the chalkboard fabric edges so it will be covered by binding when sewnChalk board with pocket and fusibleChalk board with pocket and wonder clips


  • Sew along the fold through all your layers
  • I start at the top of the pocket and then around the entire edge of the bindingChalk board sewing pocket

You are done!Chalk board with chalk Chalk board with silverwareChristmas done early on the Journey, Jackie


  • Sandi Colwell

    Those are awesome!!