Week in Review, Air Force Quilt, Veteran Quilt

A busy, productive and happy week in my studio.

I quilted this for a customer. The quilting isn’t anything special, but I wanted to show off the quilt. I loved how she pieced in the different colors and sizes of uniforms and jackets.

Air Force Uniform

I finished quilting and binding this quilt, the top was given to me to finish for the We Honor Veteran’s quilts I am doing.8-DSCN8475

This one is now on my long arm. I am hoping the design I chose will help move your eye across the quilt so the pattern is more evident than the dark colors. One can hope. 🙂1-DSCN8453

I cleaned my studio and rearranged my long arm room (as much as one can rearrange a   7 ft x 17.5 ft room with a  4 ft x 11.5 ft machine in it.2-DSCN8456

Still need to sort, fold and put away this:6-DSCN8471

I started a cutting project for a friend.5-DSCN8468

Got my supplies ready for Mini Club this coming Saturday:3-DSCN8459

Finished my postcard for the fall postcard swap (no spoilers):4-DSCN8466

Played with these:7-DSCN8473

Started on these for a mini craft show (I need brown hair ties):1-DSCN8478

My quilts on display at our local library. 1-DSCN8434

Seems like a lot of little things, though quilting two quilts, even if one wasn’t very large, is no small feat. Certainly a deep clean and rearrange was an undertaking.

What were your highlights for this week?

Productive on the Journey, Jackie