Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Banned Book Challenge

This week is Banned Books Week – September 21-27 and the third year I’ve participated in an online challenge with Sandy and Tanesha.

Year one was The Diary of Anne Frank.

Year two was Tom Sawyer.

And this year it is Uncle Tom’s Cabin.1-DSCN7951

The left side signifies the land where the slaves are bound by ball and chain up to the edge of the river. 2-DSCN7956

On the other side of the river they are no longer bound and free to roam the land with the lettering and stitching showing the freedom. 5-DSCN7959My thoughts on banned and/or challenged books. Banning books is a slippery slope. There are many books that are published and read that I would not read or encourage anyone else to read. However, I know there are some stories that should be told, even if there was only one person to read it. And there are books that I would not want to have removed from the shelves. I am not the judge of what should be or shouldn’t be available and I don’t want anyone else choosing for me. If I have the right to ban a book I don’t agree with, that will give someone else the right to ban a book I want to read.

My local library is going to post my 3 quilts over the next month:

My current read, “White Fang,” by Jack London. I am sure it is a book that should have been part of my high school years, but wasn’t.

Check out more Banned Book quilts over on Flikr.

So what are you reading this week?

Reading and quilting on the Journey, Jackie

  • val

    Fun pieces…I am against banning of books…freedom of choice.

  • SandyH

    I love this, Jackie! And this is a book I have planned to read most of my adult life and never have. I love how you’ve shown the chains and the freedom in the stitching. I also like how you’ve done the lettering in the two colors. Great project!

    • Jackie

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I actually reread the book to get some ideas about what to focus on in the quilt. My husband didn’t see the imagery in the colors of the letters and the stitching so I am glad it wasn’t lost in my interpretation.

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