Quilters are Givers, Part One

I have discovered that quilters are very giving people.They make quilts for those in need, for friends, for new neighbors, babies, showers, friends of friends, for fund-raisers, to make a public statement and for each other as a sign of support, care and love.

Quilting is an expensive art. Fabric and supplies continue to increase in price and the amount needed for a decent size quilt is quite substantial. Then there is the time. And equipment. And yet we continue.

I think I am like most quilters in that I quilt because I must. Just like a painter must paint, quilters must quilt. That our art can then be shared in various ways is a bonus.

These will go in the mail tomorrow to Jaye over at Artquiltmaker for a donation quilt she is making.

1-DSCN8227I made a few blocks for her a while back for this quilt and asked if she needed more. It meant digging deeper into my fabric scraps.

This was not my final layout for the blocks, just testing different fabrics and getting the correct number cut. I did end up swapping some squares out.

When I pieced light to dark it was purely random. Once I was sewing rows together I started to pay more attention so while still random, there weren’t a lot of repeats next to each other.

1-DSCN8244Thanks Jaye, for letting me participate.

Having fun on the Journey, Jackie

  • Sandi Colwell

    I really love the color scheme here. Not sure I would have ever chosen it but now that I see it, I really like it. We quilters are a lucky bunch to have all this fun with each other.