Wondering Wednesday’s – Labeling Your Quilts

Do you label your quilts? If so how?

Triangle in the corner method?7-DSCN5838

Sew a square in the corner?1-DSCN6182

Quilt through it?

Sorry no pictures. I did it once, didn’t like it and gave the quilt away without getting a picture of the label. 🙁

Hand sew down?1-DSC_5057

or machine sew down?Grace Quilt

Do you personalize with your penmanship?Kristen's College Quilt

or print? 2-DSCN6187

Or embroidery?1-P1030181

Why do you made the choices you do? Do you feel one is more personal? More or less secure? Does it depend on the quilt, the recipient?

Weigh in, wondering minds want to know.

Questions on the Journey, Jackie