Peace and Piecing

20140828_065700This is the “& More” type post as it is a reflection of my walk to watch the sunrise this morning.  For the last several years I have taken a “mini” sabbatical at a nearby campground by myself. It gives me a chance to rest, reflect, prioritize, pray, sew, and walk. This year I only have 2 days but I’ll take it.

The campground has a lake with an open area on one end that is perfect for watching the sunrise and set each day. 20140828_070447

I made several observations on my walk. There was a point where the night sounds of the droning insects started to fade as the morning sounds of the birds and nearby cattle started to wake and increase. The rising sun seemed to put the bugs to bed and gave permission for the birds and animals to wake up. I also noticed on my walk that the scrounging raccoon from the night before was replaced by a scurrying rabbit.

Here is the bench where I took my sunrise photos. Many times I share the area with fishermen. Not today. 20140828_063507I will continue to enjoy the piece of the setting and if the weather and my allergies permit there will be a sunset to watch tonight.

Enjoy the peace and on to piecing on the journey, Jackie

  • Bonnie Terrey

    Beautiful’re becoming quite the photographer. You can tell me the name of the campground sometime in person. 🙂

    • Jackie

      Thanks Bonnie. I actually took them with my phone! Go figure.

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