Traveling Sewing Studio

I will be sewing in this for the next couple of days.1-DSCN8096

I’ve shown pictures of my set-up in previous posts, and I must say it is very suitable. Depending on the weather and my allergies I may set my machine up on the table outside to work as well.

Here are the projects I hope to work on:

Veteran quilt:1-DSCN8103Strip quilt, I had started this at work but brought it home, I get too many interruptions on my lunch that It became a stress and not a stress reliever.


Mini charm swap quilt, I finally have a design in mind. 1-DSCN8097

And some hand work of course.


The weekend will bring two young grandchildren (Grace and Noah) to the mix so the machine will be put away but in the meantime……

Sewing is on the agenda and rain in the forecast.

On the journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    More 1.5″ squares will be on their way to you tomorrow or Friday. I am still cutting; have just been slow lately. What kind of machine do you bring along?

  • Gretchen Firestone

    Have a fun trip!