Week in Review August 24 2014

I don’t feel like I’ve spent a lot of time in my studio, but there’s been progress in many areas.

This came off the long arm:1-DSCN7998

And this was put on:

3-DSCN8063I have two empty spots where small quilts went out the door, never to return:2-DSCN8061

I did some organizing but more on that later:

5-DSCN8066This cutie came to work on her doll quilt:

8-DSCN8019-001 Made some headway on one of my veteran quilts:

1-DSCN7989And my mini charm swap quilt:2-DSCN8005

Finished piecing my Ugly FQ Swap quilt:2-DSCN8077Finally, I made a trip to my local library to see if they would hang my banned book quilts for the past 3 years (no spoilers on this years quilt):1-DSCN8055I will need to make a return trip to the library and they thought “corporate” might have to approve. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

So what did your quilting week look like?

Busy on the journey, Jackie