Headed to State Fair

Not me. A couple of my quilts. Not for judging. To sell my patterns.

Last year, these quilts went to the fair…1-DSCN7626 along with this… for demo and sale purposes by my local sewing machine shop, Missouri Sewing Machine Company.2-DSCN7630 This year, a couple more are going as well…3-DSCN7633 along with the patterns and demo notebook.

4-DSCN7634So if you are in the Kansas City area and in need of a sewing machine or repairs, check out MO Sewing. And if you are headed to the fair, they’ll have a booth and my quilts and pattern will be there. Or you can find them on Craftsy,  Building Blocks and Stone Wall.

On the Journey, Jackie

  • Jaye

    I am so thrilled for you!!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye!It all started with showing my quilts at club and people asking me for the pattern.

  • Carol McD

    Jackie, this is so exciting! I hope you do well with them – you should as they are great patterns and having the quilts for people to look at will really make the patterns fly 🙂 I’ve often thought of printing out one of my patterns to try selling at local quilt shops. Where do you get the plastic bags to put them in? I only do craftsy downloads so far but think it’s time for the “next step” I would just have to adjust the front page and do a few edits.

  • Sandi Colwell

    That’s wonderful! Good luck!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sandi,

      Nine of the sold before they were even packed up for the fair. 🙂 I need to get them listed where you have yours.