Side and Size Matters

This is a tale of woe. I talked about my Star Block Challenge here, what I didn’t share were the mistakes I made in getting the block completed. 4-DSCN7679My first mistake was not paying attention as I sewing my half-square triangle pieces, I didn’t realize I didn’t have right sides together. With both the red and red sets. Right side to wrong side is still wrong. Sigh

1-DSCN7671Next, the size. A 9 inch block divided by 3 is 3. So I needed to make my 1/2 square triangle finish at 3 1/2 inches. Right? Nope. As I was sewing the last of the rows together, my thought was it looked awfully large for a 9 inch block. There was a reason. While 9 divided by 3 is 3, I was making a block with 4 across. That means my block finished at 12 1/2 inches. Really nice block, great size, but not the size needed. 3-DSCN7677The upside to this. I have a really great 12 1/2 inch block that will be perfect for my veteran’s quilts. A head start.

So right sides and right size matters. And then there is serendipity with a new block for a new quilt.

What’s been right in your sewing life lately?

Making mistakes on the Journey, Jackie