Week in Review August 3 2014

I did get some sewing in…..early in the week…….before I had a fun weekend with these 4 boys:3-DSCN7722

This block was sent to for a Houston quilt, details here:1-DSCN7674

I made progress quilting this (not sure I like the sashing quilt pattern….):1-DSCN7704

I started planning the borders on my directionally challenged geese:1-DSCN7661Normally when I camp, this comes with me:1-DSCN3459

Or a small hand project if it’s a short trip:P1220846 (800x462)

I did not want sharp pointy objects in a small trailer with 4 rambunctious boys (I’m sure you can imagine why), so I brought this along instead:1-DSCN7680And this for planning purposes (no spoilers here):2-DSCN7709

They became my travel projects. Lots of play and pool time happened instead.

Fabric find on our way out from Appletree Quilting Center:1-DSCN7750

This was on my doorstep when I returned. A longarm quilting thread sampler from Superior Threads.

Chipping away at the projects, but mostly making memories of a different kind.

Miss you already, Camden, Colson, Caiden and Christian.4-DSCN7739

Finding Joy with grandchildren on the Journey. Got to love those boys, they make me smile.

  • Sandi Colwell

    Absolute cuties!!

    • Jackie

      Thanks, I think so, but then they’re mine. 🙂