Stitch in the Ditch, Free Motion Style

I am not fond of stitching in the ditch. Nor am I any good at it. Even with a walking foot.

When I started doing free motion quilting on my domestic machine I scrapped the walking foot and did my stitching in the ditch free hand. With better results.

Now that I have the long arm I have gone back on forth between free hand and using a ruler. Neither seemed to work well so on this quilt I put away the ruler and decided to quilt it all free hand.

Here are my results:

Not so bad:
1-DSCN7497Not so good:3-DSCN7463Good:1-DSCN7460

Bad:2-DSCN7462Really good:5-DSCN7468Really bad:
4-DSCN7464The good and really good far outweigh the bad or really bad. In fact I really have very few mishaps. Overall I did a better job than I do with a ruler and faster. I do have to note that this it only going up and down and from left to right. Diagonal is not up for consideration at this point.

So do you stitch in the ditch with your walking foot, a ruler, freehand or not at all?

Keeping in the ditch on the Journey, Jackie

  • Karen K. at Fireball Quilts

    Moments of brilliance–I think we all strive for them! 🙂 I don’t have a long arm, but I SITD in free motion on my domestic machine. Diagonals are hard to do, but practice has made me better. I still slow down quite a bit, but I am glad to not use the walking foot at all anymore. Looks like a good start to me. All your stitches are very pretty, too.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Karen for stopping by. I was decent at SITD sewing in all directions on my domestic which is what I used until the end of last year. Not sure I can master diagonals on my LA. Still working on the up and down and back and forth.