What to do, what to do?

This is part of the ugly fat quarter challenge I am participating in. The finished piece does not have to be very large, but I have many fabrics that have the same primitive tone as the fabric I choose (sight unseen) so I thought I would make a quilt or two (crazy I know).

I thought about combining these two blocks:

For one of these looks:

But I’m not sure I like it so here is another option using just one of the blocks:

Or this using the other block:

And then there are options with my mistake blocks:

I’m stuck. I have many of the pieces cut, but more fabric I can bring in if I were to do 2 quilts. Phew.

What would you do? What blocks do you like and why?

Stumped on the Journey, Jackie

  • Carol Clemmons

    Hi Jackie, I’m Carol Marie from Threadbias. I would have to choose starting from top to bottom, block #1 or block #3. I’m not sure exactly what look you are going for but blocks 1 and 3 are very artsy to me, they look pretty cool.

    • Jackie

      Thank you Carol for stopping by.

      Block 1 is used for layout 3 and that is where I am leaning right now. I just was afraid the black would be too much.

      Jackie Berdych
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