Veteran Sew in for July

This month will have a lot of pictures because Grace and Noah came to make quilts as well and I partial for my grand-kids so of course I am going to show them off. Don’t fear, I did take pictures of the adults, most however would prefer that I didn’t. 🙂

Taking care of the important things before sewing:2-DSCN7515Getting down to business.

Whoops, darn that wandering needle!3-DSCN7524Noah started a veteran quilt a couple of months ago so he had a head start on his blocks and was able to play with them on the design wall after he finished piecing his pairs together.


He is not afraid of pins, can you tell?4-DSCN7532

Ann finished quilting and was able to get ready to bind for our next sew-in. 5-DSCN7546Bonnie, Linda and Mary are steadily working away at strip piecing. 8-DSCN75417-DSCN75236-DSCN7539

My chairs are on wheels and one ironing board has been lowered so all you have to do is wheel around and iron from your chair!

It was a great night and I thank you all.

Grateful on the journey, Jackie


  • Bonnie Terrey

    Just think if Jackie’s grand Bkids keep an interest sewing or quilting, how good they’ll be by the time they’re 20!