Six Month Check in for 2014

My New Year’s WIP update:

Ten completes out of 14, not too shabby.

2014 Goals Update:

  • Space quilts one for Caiden – complete
  • Space quilt, one for Christian, complete, waiting for his birthday in July to post
  • Mini Charm Veteran quilt – little progress
  • Space quilt panel – no progress
  • Christmas Panel – no progress
  • Selvage Edge Quilt – no progress
  • Dog leases – see the post. 🙂
  • Layer Cake quilt – cutting/sewing stage, progress here.
  • Christmas cards – no progress
  • Christmas ornaments – Mostly completed, I want to make more
  • 2 Different sets of charm packs – have ideas floating in my head
  • Japanese taupes – I wonder if this will make it off this list this year

Not on the list but completed:

I’m participating in Sandy’s quilting resolutions and she had us list 3 monkeys we wanted off our back. Sadly, it wasn’t until this weekend (and an extra day off) that I started on one of them and that is to update my website. I haven’t started that yet, but I have started researching options. I’d much rather be sewing. Sigh.

I may have those monkeys yet to contend with, but I am getting a lot of sewing done. Any monkeys in your life?

Still dodging monkeys on the Journey, Jackie