My Quilt Design Wall – How to

With a little rearranging I was able to clear a space in my studio for a design wall. There were quilts on the walls, a comfy couch, and small bookshelf for leisurely browsing through quilting books or magazines that I had to forfeit that at times I miss, but I sure do love my wall.

On the far left along that wall you can see my old design wall. It was a Cheryl Ann’s Design wall and worked great upstairs. My fabric is stored in an alcove behind it so I was always having to move it to get at my fabric and then the pieces would fall. Studio Remodel

A trip was made to the local Home Depot for these items:

  • 2 4 x 8 high density foam panels
  • Sheetrock screws
  • Nails

This is what the high density foam looks like. It is a light blue color though darker than what it appears in the photo.


And a trip to Wal-mart for a king sized flat flannel sheet.

A little man-power…..

Sorry I didn’t take pictures of the process, but I’ll do my best to describe the process thought it is pretty self-explanatory.

Once the panels were put into position on the wall, my husband used the used the sheetrock screws to firmly install them to the wall. Make sure you find wall studs for this step.2-DSCN7297

Once the wall paneling was up, I used nails to tack the flannel sheet to the foam board.1-DSCN7302

In case you are wondering why I just didn’t tack the sheet to the wall and skip the expense and time of the foam board, I did. While blocks stick to the flannel fine, once you have several blocks or completed top on the wall the weight of the fabric pulls them down. The foam board allows me to use pins to hold up the larger pieces.

It also gives me a great place to tack pieces I am cutting, patterns, pictures etc.

1-P1220585Here is the space now. Another cutting station replaced the bookshelf that was there and a storage unit replaced the dresser on the side. 1-DSCN7304

Do you have a design wall or floor space?

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Designing on the Journey, Jackie

  • Sandi Colwell

    Looks great, Jackie! My design wall is a Fons and Porter but it covers two book cases and because it’s not against a solid wall, I have to use pins or the fabric doesn’t stick very well.

  • kitty pearl

    Genius! And you have great lighting posts too 🙂 Awesome studio space.