Paper Pieced Name Badges

Each month our sewing club has a “mini retreat” with projects we share with each other. In June I will lead the group in making fabric name badges. I shared these samples with the group a few months ago.

I realized some may want a more directed project so I thought paper piecing would be a good project and an opportunity for those that haven’t tried the technique to start with a small project.

I settled on these 3 patterns. 3-DSCN6819

I didn’t bind or edge finish these and at this time I will leave as is.


Supplies for the retreat. Pictures of everyone’s result to follow.

Are you a paper piecer? What have you made?

Putting the pieces together on the Journey, Jackie

  • SandyH

    I may play retreat-project-along with you. I’d like to have a namebadge myself. Our guild is doing sort of an on-going challenge for anyone who makes one but there’s been no real direction or design ideas given or anything. I know I can make it up myself but it hasn’t been a priority project for me. Maybe this summer I’ll work on it…

    • Jackie

      This started because our sewing club group became too large for everyone to remember everyone’s name. At least for me. I offered to make samples and head it up. Now I just have to remember to bring it and wear it. 🙂

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
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