Week in Review, June 8, 2014

I spent time ripping the binding out on this quilt, the “whys” are here. 4-DSCN7196

MaDe a lot of progress on piecing this quilt:1-DSCN7191

Which uses the same fabrics with a different sashing and slightly different pattern as this one. 2-DSCN7194

My disappearing pinwheel is on the long arm. I could knock it out in no time once I put my mind to it. Maybe this week.

Have I mentioned I want more hours in my day? Or at least more quilting hours in my day?

What about you?

On to a new week, on the journey, Jackie

  • Sandra Walker

    “want more hours in the day” Uh I hear you sister!! And although I love my other activities (well, except for housework/schmousework) they DO get in the way of a good run of hours spent sewing! I really like the red, taupe and black quilt, and although those are not my go-to colours, it sure caught my eye, so that’s saying something! Nice work! Visiting from Stitch by Stitch. 🙂

    • Jackie

      Sandra, thanks for stopping by. If you find a way to get more sewing hours in let me in on the secret. I suppose if I could quit my job that would help. 🙂

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