When Stitching Goes Bad

This quilt has been waiting for me to finish up the binding for a couple of weeks now.

2-DSCN7103I decided to bind the back by hand so I brought it upstairs for me to do while watching TV (which is rare). As time passed I decided done was better and I would use a decorative stitch to finish it up.

This is what I choose as it looked like it would go well with my quilting designs. 1-DSCN7143I knew this was a mistake when I made the decision. I have learned that dense designs do not work well with bindings and they also take a while to stitch out (even longer to rip out).

So against my better judgement I forged ahead, down one side and the next.

Not looking too good. Why I didn’t stop sooner I don’t know.2-DSCN7141What I learned:

  • When experience tells you no, don’t
  • When you are in a hurry to get something done, slow down
  • When it is not going well, take a break and reconsider
  • When it is still not going well, stop
  • Consider the first 4 steps much sooner

I am now using my seam ripper and if I had just spent the time hand sewing instead of sewing and ripping out, I’d be done. Sigh.

Please tell me I am not the only one, learning and relearning.

More ripping to go, on the Journey, Jackie

  • SandyH

    LOL. I believe I talked in a recent episode about when one should just “step away from the sewing, ma’am,” or something along those lines. I’m a classic “Forge Ahead Despite the Consequences and Live to Regret It” person. I’m actually thrilled to know that I’m not the only one! Sorry you have to get all up close and personal with your ripper. It is a great decorative stitch, though!

    • Jackie

      No, you aren’t the only one. This was definitely one of those times I should have said, “stop, it’s late, don’t go there.” but didn’t. Problem is, I still continue to do things like this. The decorative stitch may look great but I will not be using it for binding again.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
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  • Jaye

    I am a little unclear why you switched to a machine decorative stitch?

    When I hear myself say “oh, it’ll be fine” I know it will not be fine. If I don’t stop, I will be seam ripping for sure.

    Re: decorative stitching. I tried out all of my decorative stitches on the hems of gift bags. A gift bag hem isn’t that big. I found the stitches that took a long time, took a lot of thread, etc. I got knowledge and some useful info out of the exercise.

    Sorry this turned into a long drawn out process. You aren’t alone.