Bobbin Keepers

I have tons of bobbins, no I have dozens (and dozens) of bobbins. Bobbins for my regular sewing machines, singer machines, my Janome DBX, my long arm, and now my new Bernina.


I have them sorted by thread types:

  • Connecting Threads
  • Cotton Poly
  • Embroidery threads for student use
  • Embroidery thread for my use
  • Auriful
  • Bobbin thread for embroidery
  • Specialty thread

I have them in various places for various projects:

  • Embroidery threads go in the bins with their colors
  • Cotton/Poly also go in their bin
  • Others have their own case
  • Aurifil has its own drawer
  • In my sewing case
  • At work
  • In with the veteran quilt supplies
  • For students

But the real reason for this post is to review the types of bobbin “keepers.”

You know, the ways we try to control the unwinding and long tails of thread. That “thing that happens when you put two or more together and the threads like to play and make a mess and seem to multiply.

Here are the different things I have tried:

I bought these ages ago when most of my sewing was garment sewing and I used your typical cotton-covered poly thread. 5-DSCN6958They work fine, but they only fit on the standard cotton/poly spools.

I heard that little girl hair ties worked.


And they do work, somewhat. When I set them up on end in the case I couldn’t see the colors. I tried color-coding with the ties, but that wasn’t satisfactory (I’m picky).

I liked the cases that I would get when I would buy a dozen, and it helped some with the thread play and unwinding but it was still annoying me. Plus the shop no longer carry the cases. 🙁 As you can see the cases are labeled (I’m obsessive). 2-DSCN6946

My sewing machine shop recommended these bobbin keepers.I resisted for a while (I’m cheap). When they were on sale I bought a couple. Then recently a couple more. 3-DSCN6948I must say they are my favorite, I’m sorry I waited so long to try them out (sometimes my “cheap, make-do, practical side gets in the way). I can see the thread colors. I can store the bobbins by thread type. They are easy to get in and out of the case. And I can easily trim any unruly threads.

How do you store your bobbins? Does it work for you?

Organizing on the Journey, Jackie

  • Rebecca Ruch

    I recently did a blog post about bobbins. Primarily because, like you, I have so many different kinds. Have you tried any of the pre-wound bobbins that are out there? While I haven’t had great success with the few you can pick up in the chain stores, I have been very pleased with what I can get from Superior Threads. They even have one of those bobbin donuts that comes filled with full bobbins. How awesome is that? Thanks for sharing your views on all the different ways to keep these small but necessary bits of our sewing lives together.

    • Jackie


      I have not tried prewound bobbins. I hear they are not that much more expensive, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I just bought a cone of Superior thread in the last couple of weeks to try on my long arm. It did well. Aren’t you limited by colors with prewounds?

      What is your blog name? I don’t think I am familiar with it.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts