Puff (Pillow) Quilt

A Throw-back Thursday post.

1-DSCN6685When I first started quilting, money and time were non-existent. When I spotted a puff quilt in a magazine, I thought it was the perfect solution. I could use any kind of scrap I could get my hands on, assemble, stuff and quilt as I went. I didn’t buy the magazine and I am not sure how it “supposed” to be done, so I just did my own thing. It worked. At least in my eyes.

This quilt has seen many of grassy and sandy spots, hung as a curtain, used as a fort and often on the bed. The filling has balled up and shifted, the fabric is faded and thin in spots but it is still in use.

I will forever remember my starting days with little money, no instruction, but happy results and a quilt with a lot of history.

Everyone has to start somewhere and for each of us our beginning has a different look.

What does your beginning look like?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie


  • Rebecca Ruch

    A great post about a great quilt. Thanks for sharing.