Graduation T-shirt Quilt

I was commissioned to do this t-shirt quilt for someone at work as a graduation present. The quilt was not a surprise and the student had the shirts all picked out and put in a specific order and the request for a white sashing. 3-DSCN5556While I love white in quilts, I didn’t think it would be the best choice so I offered to do a mock up with both white and black and sent pictures for her to decide.

4-DSCN5558What would you have chosen? 1-Breanna T Shirt Quilt

This is not my first t-shirt quilt, but this was my first on a long arm. Super easy and fun! I used a medium gray Aurifil thread so it wouldn’t jump in your face on either the back or any of the colors on the front. The quilting was a simple meander. 1-DSCN5787 The blocks finished at 13 1/2 inches with 2 inch sashing between them. Finished size 48.5 x 79.5. Perfect for the dorm room.

1-DSCN6791 I used one of her college colors as the backing. She’ll be all set when she hits campus next year. 1-DSCN6795My favorite part in making a quilt like this is seeing the joy of the finished product.

Happy on the Journey, Jackie



  • val

    Most definitely the black….it’s perfect! It will make a wonderful dorm quilt!!!

    • Jackie

      Thanks Val,

      It was quite a hit and she loves it.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts

  • Jaye

    Definitely the black was a better choice. You know my rule: make visual decisions visually. The mockup worked for the best in this case IMO.