Binding on a Long Arm

It was after a class at the Machine Quilter’s Showcase that I decided to try putting a binding on with my long arm. One instructor mentioned she applied her bindings that way and would never go back. I was hoping she would touch on the subject but she didn’t. It didn’t matter, it was enough encouragement for me to give it a try.

You will see and read about my mistakes below. I’ve learned a lot and won’t go back.

Note to self, check for placement of the seams on your binding. The seam on this binding falls at the corner. Not good, but it was manageable.

2-1-DSCN6468When I apply a binding on my domestic machine I always check where the binding will start so no seams end up at the corners. Adding the binding on this one was an afterthought so I ended up with two seams at the corners. Ugh! Great learning experience though.

Another thing I learned, apply the binding after you have stitched in the area. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone, stabilize the side while stitching down the binding. Not the best approach.

Problem, even though I thought I was sewing close enough under the binding, I wasn’t.5-DSCN6800

Manageable but tricky is turning your binding on the corner in different directions, it requires careful thinking.

Now I mark the center starting point on my binding which may not be the middle of the binding strip. The goal is to have your binding strips to end somewhere a the bottom middle without any seams at your corners.


I used a ruler that I could line up along the edge of the quilt and obtain a 1/4 inch seam.

3-DSCN6808I found it helpful to use a glue stick and lightly go along the edge to keep your binding in place. I also did not bind to close to the next section yet to be quilted.
 I typically use a 2 inch binding and it worked but it may be helpful to start with a 2 1/4 inch binding to give yourself a little fudge room when sewing your 1/4 inch seams.

The above are the results of learning on the first 3 quilts I applied the binding. Each one I learned just a bit more and hope I continue to do so.

If you long are your quilts, have you applied a binding? Do you like it? Dislike it? Any tips or tricks you have to share?

Learning from my mistakes on the Journey, Jackie