A Blanket (as Christian calls it) for Georgie

I can’t forget to share about this little guy. Christian is 3 and was content most of the time wandering in my sewing studio while I was busy with his brothers. Though I am missing a bobbin cover that may have been the result of his curious hands.

Not to be left out, he did want to make something so I pulled out my flannels for him to use. 1-DSCN6626 I had him sit on my lap and help “steer” and turn the fabric. I just did a simple stitch around the outside edges and pinked them when we were done. 2-DSCN6629 Quick, simple and satisfying. 3-DSCN6636 He did notice on my design wall this quilt. I didn’t plan on sewing with the boys as their visit was going to be short and didn’t think about this being out. Of course it didn’t go unnoticed as it is the same quilt as his brother Caiden only in a different colorway.

1-DSCN6560Naturally the boys noticed and Christian got all excited. I told him he would have to wait for his birthday. When I commented that it wouldn’t be a surprise, his older brother’s let me know that he would forget by then. 🙂

Hey Buddy, it was great to see you and I hope Georgie likes his blanket.

Love Grandma


  • val

    Sooooo cute! Your post made my day!

  • Jaye

    Such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing.