Fabric Postcard Tutorial

For my students who have been making these lately.

1-Spring Postcard 2014

The instructions are for a 4 x 6 inch crazy quilted postcard, but the design possibilities are limitless using any technique. More ideas can be found on the links below. 

 Materials list:

  • Timtex®- 4 x 6 inches or two layers of heavy stabilizer
  • Postcard backing –4 x 6 inch light-colored plain fabric
    • You may need two pieces to cover your embroidery on the back
    • 4 ½  x 6 ½  inch piece of batting
    • 6-8  3×5 inch fabric scraps
    • Variety of threads, embellishments
    • Glue stick (optional)
    • Template
    • Pigma® pen or Fine Sharpie® or fine fabric marker
    • Basic sewing supplies


Basic steps:

  • Your batting piece becomes your “stabilizer” for your piecing/appliqué
  • Cut a 5 sided piece of fabric as your center focus fabric or use template included in the PDF file
  • Using a glue stick, tack your fabric, right side up in the center of your batting scrap as shown below:


  • Place next fabric on top of center fabric, right sides together, aligning along one edge:
  • Stitch ¼ inch along the edge


  • Open up seam, trim outside your batting, though accuracy is not critical at this point
  • Stitch across the seam with decorative thread and design03-DSCN6714
  • Continue in the same manner around each edge of your center focus fabric


  • Trim excess beyond the next seam line and outside the batting edge as you go


  • Add ribbons and trim as desired as you go along
  • If any corners do not get covered or have too much of one color, other pieces can be added for more interest.
  • Once your postcard design is completed, trim your batting piece down to 4 x 6 inches


Assembling layers:

    • Layer in this order
      • Layer backing fabric, right side down on table
        • Use two layers if needed to cover up stitch bleed through
      • Place Timtex® on backing fabric
      • Place postcard right side up on the Timtex®


  • Glue baste layers together
  • Straight stitch close to the edge of your postcard all the way around using a decorative thread to stabilize the layers


  • Stitch around the postcard again using a narrow zigzag setting. I used a “2.4” width and “1.5”density


  • Stitch again with a “4” width and “.75” density


  • Use  a Pigma® pen, fine Sharpie®, a fabric marker or stamp to create a postcard back16-DSCN6759Finished

15-DSCN6757Fabric postcard can be mailed through the US Postal Service, though extra charges may apply.

For more postcard ideas visit these posts:

More tutorials can be found here.

Click for a printable PDF instruction sheet Fabric Postcard Instructions.

Teaching and Learning on the Journey, Jackie

  • val

    I wondered if these could be mailed!!! YAH!!! I so appreciate this post….I bookmarked it so I can make one. or two or three!! (I also enjoyed the previous posts of the boys all sewing and pillow fighting!!)

    • Jackie

      I would love to see what you make. The possibilities are endless, plus they are quick and fun to make and give.

      The boys were great fun to work with. Most posts coming. I want them to someday be able to look back at these and see what they were doing.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Jackie Berdych
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