Week in Review April 21

These postcards were mailed out to friends and family for Easter:


Most of the time was spent with these boys visiting from out-of-town. Not all of it was spent sewing, but that is where my camera resides. Miss them already.03-DSCN6528 3-DSCN6636 3-DSCN6672I had Good Friday off with big sewing plans. While I got a lot done, I was sidetracked. Here are the results:

This along with lots of other fabric that has collected in piles was folded and put away. (Ahhh, all is well in the world). 1-DSCN6601I  appliqued this on my long arm and then went back through with “waves” going in all directions. 3-DSCN6699I also realized that one of the reasons my long arm quilting isn’t getting done is because that while the quilts and backing are ready, the binding (I am now adding my binding using my long arm, bonus!) and batting are not. So I spent a good part of the day cutting, and preparing the binding and backing for these quilts:2-DSCN6694They are all small (baby and lap or throw quilts) so once I’m ready for the next one I can really zip through them, when time allows.

I trimmed up Scrapitude to make way for the binding. 5-DSCN6122How has your week gone? Do you have “order your world tasks” as I do? Who knew I would need a day off just to do so?

Content on the Journey, Jackie