Grandma, Can I Sew?

This little guy asked if he could sew as he got out of the car on his most recent visit. He sewed for the first time when he visited at Christmas time. 01-DSCN6523 Time with family is limited so I didn’t plan on sewing with the boys, but every opportunity Caiden had, he asked me if he could sew, so when I had an open window, I said yes. The next thing I knew all 4 of them wanted to sew. He choose to use the fabrics in his birthday quilt to make a sleeping bag for his panda bear. A couple of times I found him downstairs sewing by himself working on his pieces. 03-DSCN6528 His quilt sandwiches. 1-DSCN6553Completed11-DSCN6570 And no sleeping bag is complete without showing the inside. 🙂12-DSCN6573Great job Caiden. Love you, and I wish you lived nearby. Miss you already… Grandma

  • Sandi Colwell

    How sweet is he?? You must be so happy to be with them and sewing! Thrilled for you.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Sandi,

      I really didn’t plan on sewing with the boys but it was fun to work with them. More posts on the others soon.

      Jackie Berdych
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