A Quilter’s Journey

This post is not about me. It is about Judy Elsley and the quilts she made while battling cancer. She was the speaker at the MQS banquet I attended last week. More of her story and pictures can be found in this article in the Standard-Examiner.

Her quilts are made with her own hand dyed fabrics which are beautiful and when you hear the story behind the quilt and its meaning they take on a whole new dimension. Here are some of the photos I took. She had many more quilts telling of her journey.

The quilts are meant to be taken in slowly and pictures are a poor substitute, but still powerful.

Healing Quotes

Labeling My Fears

Anna Quindlen Quote

It Takes a Village to Heal a Sick Person

Listening to her and viewing her quilts made me realize that all of our quilts have a story. They may not all be as poignant and filled with the same depth of emotion but they are still a part of us. And the range of those emotions are varied. Happy, sad, healing (as Judy’s became for her), funny, fun, prayerful, giving… the list goes on.

As I have mentioned before I believe I was created to quilt. I can’t separate myself from my quilting as it is a part of me. Whether I am learning a new technique, working through a design element, reaching into the depths of my being for creativity, providing comfort, memories, or a thank you, I am in that quilt and that quilt is in me. And while others may view them as just blankets, they are much more than fabric and thread. They are me. And unique to me.

What do your quilts say about you?

A fellow journeyman, Jackie