Loot, Lectures, Demo and Sewing

The loot (doesn’t count my win).


This fabric will be perfect for one of next years quilts. And yes, I am already planning for next year. The pattern was free with the purchase, but I have another idea in mind.4-DSCN6458

Aurifil was not at the show :(, but I used the opportunity to purchase other brands. I recently won some Glide from Amy over at Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures and I can purchase Superior from my local quilt shop so I bought (and was given) Wonderfil, and YLI.2-DSCN6452

I also bought a large batting roll and finally batting scissors along with rulers for the long arm and a few gifts for students. 


I attended 2 lectures on machine quilting basics. Even though there were a lot of similarities, I was able to take quite a bit away from both. It was interesting to hear different options on how to do the same task and why, but after the little bit of experience I have had, I know what options I plan to try first. The biggest take away: squaring up the quilt, regardless of how off it is. I have a few things to learn and put into practice.

The third class, on design, also covered basics. Lots of tips, and encouragement. Watching it being stitched out in person was a huge help. But then, I am very visual so this should be no surprise. Biggest take away: practice every day, it is like learning a new instrument.


Each 1/2 hour someone would give demonstrations or hints and tips on the vendor floor. I attended as many as I could which resulted in a lot of note taking and some shopping. 🙂

This is a result of one of the demos. Quilting Designs for EQ7 which I am super excited about. My biggest struggle with the entire quilting process is coming up with the quilting designs. There were 8 volumes. I resisted the urge to buy 1-3 (have to do it in order you know) and bought the ones that most appealed to me.3-DSCN6454


There was a community project set-up where you could sew, quilt and bind. I was able to fit in a couple of 15 minute speed sewing sessions. At first I was turned away because I only had 15 minutes and I said, I could get a lot done in 15 minutes and I would be back. The quilts made were going to a local cancer treatment center.

Next up, quilts and quilting from the show.

Tired, broke and happy on the Journey, 🙂 Jackie