Charms in all sizes

There are your standard 5 inch squares called Charms (Moda).Moda Pure by Sweetwater

And Mini Charms or Candy also by Moda which are 2.5 inch square.2-DSCN5403

And mini mini charms or “insanity” by a qroup of “Twilters” for a swap which are 1.5 inch square.


The 3 sizes side by side. 1-DSCN6158

There are 8 of us participating in a mini mini charm swap. 100 squares cut in pairs for 50 sets.Here is what 600 1.5 inch squares look like, with one stack of 100 in back.


And then there are more that have collected as I have been cutting….1-DSCN6151

I am not sure how I plan to use mine yet….. Plus I will have 700 more coming my way.

What’s on your cutting table?

Insane but having fun on the Journey, Jackie

  • jaye

    Great photos!

  • jaye

    Love the photo of your 1.5″ squares. I will cut you some, if you want. I can’t promise tons, but would be happy to cut a few, if you want. Let me know.

    • Jackie

      Thanks Jaye for stopping by. I would love it if you shared a few squares here and there. I really like how bright and cheerful your quilts are and it is out of my comfort zone. It would be a great push for me. No pressure or expectations though.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts