Postcards, Quilts, and Totes

This post is picture heavy with recent projects from students.

Barbara has been working on Easter postcards for friends. She has inspired me to make some of my own, but more about that on another post.

2-DSCN60683-DSCN6099The ribbon on the top postcard is a “design element” covering up a “whoops.” Sometimes our mistakes have great endings. 1-DSCN6137

Dianne chain piecing on a quilt.

1-DSCN49232-DSCN4927And tablet cover. 2-DSCN6096 Rhonda worked on a casserole tote as a wedding gift. 3-DSCN59264-DSCN5948 5-DSCN6067 1-DSCN6073And hot pad bowl holders. 1-DSCN6094

Great job ladies. I love participating with you as you work on your projects.