Quilt As You Go Block Tutorial

I was given 12 of these hand quilted and embroidery blocks to finish up and do with as I wish.04-DSCN5860I cut 1 inch sashing strips (1 1/8 is just a tad bit better to work with) and started by sewing a strip to the back side of the block a little less than 1/4 inch in. You can use a basting stitch if you prefer. The goal at this point is to tack the back in place.

12-DSCN5875Flip the block over and sew another strip to the front, this time with a 1/4 inch seam. You now have a sashing strip on either side of your block.


Press “open” the front sashing strip and line the edge, right sides together, to the next block.1-DSCN5963 Pin and sew right sides together to the next block.


Open up your blocks, wrong side facing up.

Apply glue or Steam a Seam inside the seam allowance on the block without the sashing strip.


Fold 1/4 inch on your sashing strip and press.


Fold over to cover the two edges and press in place. DSCN597711-DSCN5899

From the front edge, top stitch along each edge, also finishing the back sashing. 05-DSCN5900DSCN5985The finished quilt:

1-DSCN5992Enjoy the Journey, Jackie