Week in Review March 16, 2014

Got to spend time with my grandchildren and we started on some pillowcases. 11-DSCN6060Finished up pre-quilted squares that were given to me, that I named Daisy’s in Spring.1-DSCN5996In process, chain piecing the next space quilt for Christian. Caiden’s quilt it here.

2-DSCN6078Back to using selvage edges for leader’s/ender’s to make a quilt like this.

Scrapitude is on the long arm. This is will be my feather practice quilt.4-DSCN6089 I’ve cut some 1 1/2 inch squares for a swap between “Twilters” on Twitter.1-DSCN6079In celebration of National Quilt Day I watched several videos on The Quilt Show and signed up for more Crafty classes.

Doing this is very helpful. It reminds me how much I really did get done.

Checking in on the Journey, Jackie