Week in Review March 2, 2014

I pieced this back (the colors are more brown than they show in the picture)1-DSCN5871 For this quilt:

6-DSCN5849I prepped this for our March mini retreat that was postponed until April because of weather:2-DSCN5859-001This binding is ready for a commissioned t-shirt quilt:
3-DSCN5851-001 On a whim, I made this little box following the tutorial by Seaside Stitches:4-DSCN5853-001

This is the quilt on my long arm. The quilt is upside down as I found out on the previous baseball quilt, that when working with a directional pantograph on a directional quilt, either the quilt or pantograph needs to be placed upside down. 5-DSCN5857-001Finally I am  considering how best to finish these blocks that were given to me. They are already quilted in 12 separate blocks. The quilting is hand quilted and up to the edge so some of it will be lost no matter what I try to do. The blocks are not the same size or square. Neither are the centers with the embroidery only.

DSCN5860Any suggestions on how best to finish these?

Joining Darla’s “March-a-Long” with a goal of quilting 15 minutes a day in March.

Finding time to quilt on the Journey, Jackie