Happy Valentine’s Day

How often do you have an idea in your head that doesn’t work out in fabric?

I went from this:2-DSCN5732

to this:1-DSCN5736

However, my intent was a postcard. With a nice sentiment. In thread. With decorative stitching. It did have more of the mottled pink fabric to the right of the heart for writing. I tried several times it until it was a mess. So I chopped it off. Then I used decorative stitching that seemed to be a bit too much. So I ripped it out. My first zig-zag around didn’t go so well, so I chopped more of it all away around.

My friend loves it. I do not. I told her I would do much better the second time around, with different fabrics and a true binding.

I used Carol Doak’s free heart paper piecing pattern for the heart. It prints 4 to a page, so I have 3 more tries to get it right. Though I may stick with coaster size and different design.

Do you have a hard time putting into fabric the designs in your head?

Celebrating friends on the Journey, Jackie

  • Bonnie Terrey

    I think the brown or dark red is too dark for the rest. Maybe the objects in the print are too big for the size of the heart. Just my two cents. Bonnie 🙂