Weekend Review February 9, 2014

A snow day sew day this week helped greatly towards my goals this week. I addition to what I did on Tuesday, I was also able to make more progress on these:

Colson’s Baseball Quilt is finished and delivered.
6-DSCN5337My Whole Cloth Quilt may be close to being finished, not sure if I should do more thread work or not. Opinions welcome, see Saturday’s post for details.

2-DSCN5522-001I made more progress on my Hexie Doll Quilt. It is the width it needs to be, now I just need to work on the length.


I finished long arming Caiden’s Space Quilt for his birthday coming soon. Binding is next.07-DSCN5710

My new leader ender project is sewing these selvage edges leftovers into squares for the next quilt.04-DSCN5723

Scrapitude Step 4, Part 1 is done, now I need to work on Part 2.1-DSCN5671

I pieced this 3rd Minkee baby quilt to use up most of the remaining charm Minkee blocks that I had. I deliberately saved out “boy” colors for this one.05-DSCN5725

Here is a sneak peak at my postcard plans for the Spring Challenge over at Quilt Cabana Corner, no spoilers here. 🙂02-DSCN5719

A quick charm square quilt for a challenge at the guild I just started attending. Possible pattern in the future. 7-DSCN5690Last, I had a chance to work on my veteran mini charm (Moda Candy) quilt. 06-DSCN5706

Having a bonus day to sew this week helped me move a lot of projects forward.

What did you do this week?

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie