Disappearing Pinwheel Hints

You can find tutorials for these blocks at Missouri Quilt Co. on YouTube, first option is here and the second option is here. This post is to describe in detail some of what I did.

I ended up with a mixed block version (long story) so I have a top with both blocks.


The instructions tell you to make 2 cuts, each direction evenly spaced to make 9 sections. I decided that by trimming my blocks down to 12 inches, I could use 4 inches as my cutting mark. That was easier than trying to figure out how many inches 12 and 5/8 divided by 3 was. It also meant my blocks would be the same size.

The details I will be showing are for trimming down your block.

My ruler is 12 1/2 square so I needed to be careful that I was lining up the center with the 6 inch mark vs. the 6 1/2 inch mark.

Notice how the “6” is in the center of the pinwheel, with the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines match with your ruler lines. 1-DSCN5548Trim the 2 sides at the 6 inch marking. 2-DSCN5549If you are using a 12 inch square ruler, turn your ruler and block and trim the edges in the same manner. If you have a 12 1/2 inch ruler as I do, turn your block but not your ruler.

Line up the edges you just trimmed inside the 1/2 inch mark on your ruler. Trim the other two sides. 3-DSCN5550

This will give you a square 12 inch block.

1-DSCN5563The quilt top is pieced, backing chosen and ready to quilt when my long arm is free. This is a gift for a May baby so I have plenty of time.

Enjoy the Journey, Jackie

  • eileensideways

    very nice. love the variation.

  • SandyH

    I also trimmed mine down to 12″ to make the math easier. When I was trimming, I was thinking it would’ve been helpful if I had “spun” the center seam on the back of my pinwheels so the blocks would sit flatter on my cutting mat and make it easier to hold the ruler steady–I hadn’t thought to do that and gee, it probably would’ve been useful. I like your alternating block design–I’d pondered doing that (intentionally!) but ended up choosing to do all of one block instead. But it’s fun seeing how it would’ve turned out had I done it that way! I’m enjoying seeing everyone’s variations on this design. I’m still piecing my blocks…