Week In Review 1.26.2014

How can a week pass by so quickly? Especially when I have to look back and wonder what I did.

I was sidetracked this week by making the Disappearing Pinwheel block by Missouri Star Quilt Company. A mistake challenged me to make alternating blocks. The top is pieced and I plan to write details on what I did and why.


I made more progress on Scrapitude, my current leader/ender project. I also spent time chain-piecing this when I only had a few moments to sew and no time to think about where I was with other projects. As a result I made quite a bit of progress on this.


Another sidetrack, sample name badges for sewing club, details on the technique are here.

1-DSCN5590The binding is complete and this quilt is waiting for photos.3-DSCN5322

I finished the border and pieced the backing for these two quilts. They are in my queue for quilting. 4-DSCN55033-DSCN5525This is still on my long arm,  I am about 1/2 done on this. I have switched up the design a bit. Many of the seams were not very stable so I am doing a curvy stitch to reinforce them and I am also practicing stitching without the stitch regulator.2-DSCN5532

One night when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to put on paper a quilt design that wouldn’t leave my mind. Naturally what was in my head needed revision to work out in fabric. A new project to start……….2-DSCN5613

I decided to see what it would look like if I outlined the lettering on my whole cloth quilt with more stitching. It makes a huge difference. One letter down, 6 to go. I hope I don’t open a can a worms and decide the entire quilt needs to be stitched again.

1-DSCN5616Lastly, I did my part for the economy and visited my local quilt shop, Show Me Quilting, to take advantage of 20% off on bolt fabric. No plans yet, just ideas with no clear direction floating in my head. 1-DSCN5607

I seemed to have a lot of distractions this week, but again when I look back, I can see I accomplished more than I thought.

Did your sewing take you down a rabbit trail this week?

Reflecting on a distracted Journey, Jackie

  • Faye Gaudet

    Very nice work Jackie, I haven’t done much this week, I’m rather under the weather this week, and doing taxes to boot
    I did make this small quilt for my brother

    • Jackie

      Thanks for stopping by Faye. Sorry to hear you are not yourself this week. This week I will be working on my taxes. Or at least give them a start. 🙁
      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Website/Blog: http://www.sewexcitedquilts.com
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts

  • Paula Hughes

    Busy lady! I love the “mistake”, it looks pretty cool. Your quilting is pretty awesome too:)