Camden’s and Colson’s First Sewing Projects

There is a post of the quilt Camden made this year for his bear here.

This is a look back at Christmas of 2009. My daughter, son-in-law and 3 sons (at that time, another one was on the way) were visiting for Christmas and her 2 older boys, Camden 5 and Colson, did some sewing for their cousin Grace, who was due to be born in February. Camden made a quilt and Colson made ornaments.

Camden choose 3 fabrics, I drew the lines for his strips and he cut. Strips are an easy first project as there are no seams to match and straight lines are not critical.

Camden and Colson SewingHe did well at the machine by himself.

Camden and Colson Sewing

Colson in the background cutting his pieces:Camden and Colson SewingFinished quilt front:

Camden and Colson SewingAnd back:
Camden and Colson Sewing

Working hard:
Camden and Colson SewingAt the machine with props, books to sit on and a stool with books on it so he could reach the pedal. He was waiting for me to put down the camera so he could start sewing. 
Camden and Colson Sewing
Finished. There was quite a bit of sewing with the crazy quilt stitches and he did well staying focused.
Camden and Colson Sewing

And here is Caiden, age 1, helping clean up while we worked. Camden and Colson SewingAnd, not so much…Camden and Colson Sewing

They sure have grown up.

Little did we know that Grace would be born that evening, 10 weeks early. The boys don’t remember this time. I am hoping the pictures will help. I couldn’t find them when they were here this past year.

I’ll be posting about the quilt Colson made this year for his doll soon.

Reminiscing on the Journey, Jackie


  • Sandi Colwell

    They sure are handsome boys! Looks like you all had fun at that time.

  • val

    Just soooo very sweet!!!! I loved this post!!

    • Jackie

      Thank you, quilting is such a passion for me, to have my grandkids want to sew with me is thrilling beyond words.

      Jackie Berdych
      Sew Excited
      Facebook: Sew Excited Quilts