Christmas Ornaments 2013

I have made Christmas ornaments for the grandchildren each year. This year for many reasons it wasn’t going to happen. I decided that the younger ones could make their ornaments this year for their parents.

My son’s two younger ones, Grace and Noah, made theirs a few weeks ago seen here. 

My  daughter’s 4 boys visited a few days before Christmas giving me enough time to work with them.

Camden is 9. I reminded him his first time sewing was 4 years ago when he made a quilt for Grace, he didn’t remember. Sadly I don’t have a picture. This is his second time at the machine and I was impressed with how quickly he picked it up and how focused he was.

He did a great job turning the curves of his fingers and staying on the fabric.

Colson is 7. Once I showed him how the machine worked he did great all on his own as well. 4-DSCN5254

Caiden is 5, he sat on my lap as it was his first time on the machine. 1-DSCN53152-DSCN5257

Finally there is Christian who is 3. He was napping while the older ones worked on their ornaments and when he joined us for a second day of sewing he wasn’t interested.

The older boys wanted to make quilts for their dolls/animals and Christian wanted a blanket also. I just trimmed up a piece of Minkie for his monkey.

This picture says it all…


I think I will continue this tradition where they make their own.

Having fun on the journey, Jackie